Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nicole Richie - Dandelion

Today's track comes from the ever so fabulous Nicole Richie, who recently had a meltdown because of all these bastards who keep on banging at here for being too thin. I say leave her alone! That woman is one of the most gorgeous creatures I have ever seen in my entire life and we should all learn from her: thin is definitely in!

To quote Nicole...

You don’t scream at people that they are overweight, so what makes people think that they have the right to scream at me that I am underweight? It’s upsetting and mean,” Nicole tells Us. “I am not anorexic. At the moment, I was just sick of everyone constantly bothering me about how I look. I walked up to the photographer and told him, ‘What if I really had anorexia? What if I had a disease? How would you feel about saying such horrible things?’ He probably just wanted to get a rise out of me, but I’m a human being and he hurt my feelings.

Source: US Weekly

Nicole is right. People just leave her alone! We need thinspiration of some sort. Besides, one can never too rich or too thin. I need to lose 20 pounds myself. It's not fun to have batwings. I hate it!

Track #4: Dandelion (Nicole Richie feat. Bryanboy)

Click here to download

The lyrics are all fucked up (thanks, Lyrics Mania) but whatever. I can't be bothered to rerecord the thing.

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At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Jake Fabulous said...

It'd grest I csn now sing with Nicole and Bryan!


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